Get Your Paws In On The Age of Information

How many times do you check Instagram in a day? 

The average person opens the app up to 150 times a day, and with 100 million posts daily who can blame you? There is always something new. The best part is, it’s not all vacations and pet pictures; many social justice groups, non-profits, (like us: @beargivers) and charities go to social media to take part of that global community.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become media hubs where the daily person gets their news and information. This increase in knowledge and technology has been incredibly helpful in garnering attention, and helps us better understand the different struggles we face within various communities, such as those suffering from autism. While it can be subjected to a place where you can show off your lifestyle or just yourself; it has also become an important part of marketing to a younger and larger audience.

So what should we do?

While these social media platforms have been seen as a “selfish” or “vain” place to define yourself (as well as others) by the number of followers you have, it has also given us a platform to tell our stories. People have used social media to tell their stories in order to empower others, in hopes of creating a greater change. Change has always been brought about by the media because it starts with the voices in a community that care enough to bring it to the limelight. For example, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge helped raise awareness to a disease that affected millions yet went under the radar. National Geographic’s #PlanetorPlastic campaign, Toms One Day #Without Shoes Campaign, Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, do just the same. Social Media has become more than selfies, it has become self-less and the more we share these missions and messages, the more accepting of ourselves and others we will become. The importance of the media has always been there; from TV sets to radio stations. Theodore Roosevelt had his fireside chats to give hope to the nation, and MLK’s famous “I have a dream” speech was one of the first to be globally broadcast. Change starts with the media getting the attention of others. If you can’t afford to donate to your favorite cause, you can always give them a follow, a like or a share because perhaps someone around you knows someone else that will be able to help.

Be Post Pawsitive!

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