Beary Nice to Meet You


As you all may know by now, we have a beautiful new website (which you are now on) and a wonderful new way to reach all of you—our wonderful supporters—through our weekly newsletter. Make sure you sign up for our emails to stay informed about our work, recent events, upcoming events, general information and of course more bears! Since it is only our first blog post, we’ll keep it light, so here’s a quick introduction to the team behind Bear Givers!

We are greatly inspired by the power of giving, primarily that it is as good to give as it is to receive. Not only for the feeling but the positive effect it has on the lives of both parties. We are humbled to be able to teach and show those we work with the joy and pleasure you get from giving to others. Generosity plays an incredibly important role in early development and we strive to share the importance of philanthropy especially to those who have so often been on the receiving end of such generosity. Now that you know who we are as an organization, let’s introduce ourselves!

Meet the Team:


Joseph Sprung

  • New York business leader Joseph Sprung is a passionate advocate for children in need. His Bear Givers non profit benefits young people and empowers them to become givers and perform meaningful acts of generosity.

  • Joe and his team are dedicated to expanding the reach of Bear Givers and touching children across the country and around the world.

  • Joe is also a fan of our art shows, and loves interacting with the children especially in association with our partners.


Diane Lempert

  • Diane brings Bear Givers programs and activities to life with her one of a kind creative flair, unparalleled organizational acumen, and generous, warm hearted spirit.

  • She takes initiative from first contact through program development and execution, Diane fulfills Bear Giver’s mission with a smile and dedication.

  • Whether Diane is customizing bears for a school, planning a hospital visit, or managing logistics for an EmpowerArt Program Art Show, she is focused on helping children in need.

kristen headshot review.png

Kristen DiChiaro

After almost a decade with Bear Givers, Kristen has not only helped to organize many of our events but she has traveled all over the US to be there in person. Our Art Shows, Hospital Visits, Teddy Bear Clinics and Senior Citizen Visits are always accentuated by her warm smile, genuine interest and big heart. Her compassion, creativity and caring spirit make her a wonderfully valuable member of the Bear Givers team.

les headshot review.png

Leslie Rios

Hi! I’m our digital strategist, I run the blog, newsletters and love the bears more than anyone! I am invested in our mission to show the importance of generosity and helping those in need. Through research (and general fun facts) I’ll bring you the latest on Bear Givers and all relevant information in hopes of expanding our mission.

Looking Forward

While the newsletter is bringing you a brief on our mission, and events here on the blog we will provide fun, as well as helpful and informative articles on how to get involved and keep you updated on studies, news, and facts on disabilities in accordance with our mission.