Upcoming Events


May 1, 2018


May 2, 2018

Art Show in Chicago for UCAN

May 7, 2018

Art Show for the Friendship Circle of North Carolina.

May 8, 2018

Bears to be distributed to  Carolinas Medical Center by the Friendship Circle of North Carolina

May 20, 2018

Art show for The Help Group in California

June 3, 2018

Bear Givers looks forward to sponsoring the 5th annual art show The Art of Friendship, for the Friendship Circle of Brooklyn. The Friendship Circle is a non-profit organization that creates friendships between community teens and special needs children in the Brooklyn New York area and engages them in a variety of Jewish, social and educational activities.

September 21, 2018

Bear Givers is donating bears for Teddy Bear Clinic at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital