The Help Group's Sixth Annual Art Show Provides the Opportunity for Student Artists with Autism and other Special Needs to Showcase their Creativity

Bear Givers EmpowerArt program creates opportunities for young artists from around the country to experience the joy of creating art and seeing their art showcased at a special exhibit. "To see the children's faces light up when they walk into a real art gallery and spot their creation for the first time is so inspiring," said Joseph Sprung, Bear Givers Chairman. Diane Lempert, President, Bear Givers added, "For me it's so wonderful spending time amongst children and being able to see what all of them can do."

About The Help Group:  Founded in 1975, The Help Group is dedicated to helping young people with autism and other special needs fully realize their potential. It is the largest, most comprehensive nonprofit of its kind in the United States and is recognized as a leader in the field of autism. The Help Group offers a wide range of innovative autism spectrum disorders programs, and each day, 1000 students ages 3 – 22 attend its autism day schools. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter.