Inspired by the adage that it’s better to give than to receive, we at Bear Givers believe that the altruism of some can exponentially affect the lives of many. Our mission is to bring joy to those in need and to enable those in need to feel the pride and pleasure of giving to others. Bear Givers programs facilitate an environment where givers are empowered to bring happiness to others through acts of generosity and giving.

Joseph Sprung launched Bears 4 Kids in 2003 as a way to brighten the lives of hospitalized children and their families with a personal visit and the gift of a soft and cuddly teddy bear. Soon, Joe expanded his program to schools serving children with special needs. Before long, Joe realized that these students would benefit from being given the opportunity to help others. Bear Givers Empowerment Program was born and EmpowerArt followed soon after. As the organization’s mission evolved, a name change was in order. Bears 4 Kids became Bear Givers in 2009 to better capture and convey the spirit and mission of this unique non profit.

Joseph Sprung, Chairman and Founder
New York business leader Joseph Sprung is a passionate advocate for children in need. His Bear Givers non profit benefits these young people and empowers them to become givers and perform meaningful acts of generosity. Joe and his team are dedicated to expanding the reach of Bear Givers and touching more children across the country and around the world. Along with Bear Givers, Joe is deeply involved with Chai Lifeline, a non profit committed to addressing the emotional, social, and financial needs of seriously ill children, their families, and communities. Now the Chairman of the Executive Committee, Joe is also Past  President of this esteemed charitable organization.

Diane Lempert, President
Diane brings Bear Givers programs and activities to life with her one of a kind creative flair, unparalleled organizational acumen, and generous, warm hearted spirit. From initial contact through program development and execution, Diane fulfills Bear Giver’s mission with a smile and dedication. Whether Diane is customizing bears for a school, planning a hospital visit, or managing logistics for an EmpowerArt Program Art Show, she is always focused on helping children in need.

Bear Givers Board of Directors